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Crossed High Power Rifles

There have been a few questions as to what constitutes a "military rifle" for one of the MRA's military rifle matches such as the Davis Cup and McGovern Cup. Below please find the appropriate definition as adopted from the CMP rules for the MRA matches. Bear in mind that this only applies to military rifle matches and that the MRA has other matches involving black powder, rim fire and non-military (match) rifles as well.

Notice: The following apply to all MRA “Military rifle” matches

6.1 General Rifle Rules

The following general rules apply to all rifles that are used in CMP sanctioned matches. They are also the rules for all MRA “military rifle” matches.

6.1.1 Rifle Requirements

All rifles must comply with the following specific requirements:

(1) Trigger Pull: Must be at least 4.5 pounds, except as otherwise prescribed in these rules. (2) Stocks: Must be standard military-issue wood or synthetic stocks or similar stocks of commercial manufacture.

(3) Slings: Must be standard U. S. military issue M1907 leather, or M1 web slings or identical slings of commercial manufacture made of leather, web or synthetic material. Military issue orcommercial M1907 and M1 slings must conform to the original pattern with no additional modifications or additional hooks, claws, clips or clamps. Leather or web slings may be no wider than 1 3/8" and no thicker than 3/16". Leather slings may have no more than two keepers no wider than 7/8" each and made of leather no thicker than 3/16”. Stitching, brads, rivets, or staples may be used to join keeper ends. The overlap at the joining area may be no more than 1 1/8" and must be on the flat, i.e.; may not go around the curved edge of the keeper.

(4) Gas system: Must be fully operational.

(5) Front and rear sights: Must be of U.S. Army design (either service or match).

6.1.2 Permitted Rifle Features

Any rifle may have the following specific features or modifications (Modifications described in this rule do not apply to “as-issued” rifles defined in Rules 6.2.4 and 6.2.5):

(1) The dimensions of the rear sight aperture and front sight blade may vary from standard military dimensions. The rear sight aperture may have a fixed, non-adjustable aperture insert. A corrective lens may be inserted in the rear sight hood.

(2) Internal modifications may be made to improve functioning and accuracy. A special match barrel may be installed. Synthetic materials may be applied to the interior of the stock to improve the bedding.

(3) Stocks may have any color. Metals may have any finish. Metal components may be either steel or aluminum alloy.

6.1.3 Prohibited Rifle Equipment

The following equipment or modifications are prohibited:

(1) Sling cuffs and sling pads.

(2) The use of hooks, buttons, straps or similar devices fastened to the shooting coat to hold the sling in place. The shooting coat may have hooks, buttons or straps as long as they are not used to hold the sling in place.

(3) Cartridge cases may not be used to hold the sling in place.

(4) Permanent non-slip surface finishes may not be added to the firearm. Spray adhesives may be used.

(5) No modification may interfere with the original functioning of the rifle and its safety devices.

(6) No alteration or modification may change the external configuration.

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