MRA Small Bore Team


Small Bore Rifle


The MRA has a team in the Eastern Mass. Small Bore Rifle League. The League runs from November to March and the sign up contact list is posted in the club in October.

The team shoots its matches on Friday nights and rotates between the MRA's Fazio Range (the upstairs 50 foot range, standard velocity .22 ammo only) and other local clubs. The course of fire involves both prone and off-hand (standing) using NRA A-17 "bucket" targets (the one with ten bulls-eyes surrounding an eleventh sighter bulls-eye).

NRA A-17 Target

The matches start at 7:30 pm and people usually arrive at 6:30 pm or before to set up the range and start warming up. Arriving early can give you an opportunity to meet members of the team and get some advice or ask questions.


While most shooters use bolt action rifles there is no prohibition against semi-automatics and competitors can use either iron sights or a scoped rifle.

The League uses a handicap system for scoring so NEW SHOOTERS ARE WELCOME!


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