Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting is the first Monday of each month starting at 6:30 PM. The meeting is open to all members. Stop by and get and attend the meeting. Also, at 6:00 PM that evening pizza is available prior to the meeting. The meeting happen each month September through June.

Dates may change if a holiday falls on that Monday. And, the Annual banquet is the first Tuesday in October, so the Board of Directors meeting is the following Wednesday evening.


Association Officers:
President Bob Collins
1st Vice President Ed LeFave
2nd Vice President Lisa Peters
Secretary John Myers      
Treasurer Marty Waters
Executive Officer Jerry Wigon

Directors and Terms:

2014 -2017
  • Karen Mancini
  • Jerry Wigon
  • Paul Silvis
  • Andrew Urh (Appointed 2014)
  • Andre Ferrazzani (Appointed 2014)
  • John Chalmers
  • Lisa Peters
  • Bobby Robinson
  • Billy Tumbarello
  • Jean Millar (Appointed 2014)


  • Bob Collins
  • Paul Ferrazzani
  • Bob McLaughlin
  • Arthur Bounopaine
  • Jack Tashjian
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