We are coming into a new year of junior marksmanship.  I have already had several juniors wanting to find out when it begins and if they can bring a friend or family member with them this year to join.

Last year we had 27 beginner juniors enroll in the program with only one having to drop out.  The juniors showed unbelievable talent and proceeded very quickly thru the year.  I see many advancing up the ladder in the program this year and hopefully to our advanced program.

Our annual events such as our Christmas shoot is becoming world famous with several other clubs across the US now coping us.  The kids and the parents love the event and the range never smells better.  The parent junior event at the end of the year is getting very competitive not only between junior but between mother and Dad if there is more than one junior enrolled from a family.

This year at our annual awards banquet we handed out two distinguished medals to two graduating juniors, Sarah Burrows and Madeline Wigon.  Sarah and Madeline are joined by fellow member Hayley Spillane have graduated the junior program and are moving onto bigger adventures at College this fall.  They were members of my third relay chatty group, things will be to quiet this year and they will be missed.

Our advanced group or travel team has been busy this spring and summer.  Members Verne Conant, Nick Frenzo, Olivia Nardone and Alexis Nardone have been to Ohio for Air Rifle Championships in the Camp Perry Open, West Point for their West Point Championships, Georgia for the Olympic Nationals and then to Alabama for the CMP junior Air Olympics and NRA final round of 3p Air Rifle Nationals.  The team placed high in all events.

We will be loosing two of our members Olivia and Alexis Nardone will be moving on also.  Olivia has been accepted to West Point and also a member of their rifle team.  Alexis will be traveling in an opposite direction, she will be attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks and she also will be a member of their rifle team.  We wish them the best and will be watching the scores as their seasons begin.

MRA advanced juniors have also been very involved in helping the army disabled shooters.  They have volunteered at the World Cup in GA helping load and misc. things to aid the competitors.  Back home they work and train with a future Olympic hopeful who lost one of his arms and is now training with the juniors shooting air rifle.  The interaction between the two is amazing to watch.

Recruiting for team members has begun and we hope to have another great year with both new and experienced members showing of their talents and making MRA proud.

Our new season will begin with registration being held on Monday October 22, 2012 at 7pm. And classes starting on Monday the 29th of October.  Thank you to all the members who stop by and congratulate and encourage our young shooters and admire their talents.  Remember they are our future without them there will be no MRA.



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